Knowing When to Call a Plumber

All homes will rely on water in one form of another in order to operate; whether it’s to help with central heating, or to provide a fresh flow during a bath or shower. As with most things, water systems can be prone to suffering with damage from time to time and in these events, knowing when to call a plumber can make all the difference.

Things worth a call out

Water damage can occur for many different reasons; from a leak within a wall, right through to a hole in a pipe. If you ever spot the following issues within your home, you may well want to get in touch with a local plumber to ensure that you’re not facing a more severe issue (and if you are, you could have your expert take care of it on the spot).

Signs of damp

During the winter and when it rains more often, a home’s damp proofing features will really be put to the test. If you’ve spotted that your walls seem to be bubbling, if any wood present is taking on a warped appearance, or if you can visibly see the signs of water at the base of walls and foundations, then you could be suffering with damp.

Leaks and burst pipes

Unfortunately the only way to stop a leak or a burst pipe is by shutting the flow of water off at the mains – but this isn’t always an obvious part of your home and you could end up facing litre after litre of water. In these cases, calling a plumber urgently can help as they’ll be able to address the issue and take care of the repair or replacement of parts and fittings.

Low water pressure

Sometimes leaks and excessive water won’t be the problems; in fact, it’s just as common for pressure to reduce within pipes which can leave you without consistent running water. In these cases a replacement will often be necessary and hiring a plumber near you could be the way to have this type of event rectified.