Scaffolds for Material Engineering

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We may have to do surgery to reinstate or remove the damage of a tissue related to accidents or some diseases. Material or tissue engineering is for re building the affected tissue by combining with scaffolds made up of natural materials. These scaffolds work as a support material for the cell rebuilding. The art of making such scaffolding by using different types of material is a developing science.

Any type of accidents, illness or injury can make some issues for the cells and it may slowly degenerate. This situation demands the treatment for reinstating and correction of tissues or cell. We take cells from other parts of our body and graft it in the required place. This tissue replacing treatment is considered as one of the most modern treatment for life saving in accident cases. There are so many tissue matching problems may occur in this treatment and medicines have to be administered for functioning of the cells. Here engineering principle is applied in the tissue repairing process.

As we mentioned bio arenas are used as a support material in tissue engineering. These scaffolds are made up of various bio materials by using some modern techniques in this field. When we make a bio boards for the tissue repairing we must consider some factors of importance related to it. The suitable scaffolds for the use of tissue engineering are based on these factors.

First thing is to remember is the compatibility of the material used; it must be compatible with the existing cell pattern and function. The dais and the tissues must join together naturally after the surgery. We could give some supportive or stimulating medicine for this but if the scaffold is not compatible with the tissues total investment will end in to a tragedy.

The scaffolds we use in the repairing process must be biodegradable. It means the repaired natural cells will grow and slowly the engineered scaffold cell will degraded, as it is a temporary scaffold to the original and implanted cells. When the scaffold cell is degraded the original cell will create its own multiplication process and that is the ultimate aim for the bio scaffolding. Now the use of this technology is used commonly in the treatment practices.

Good quality bio scaffolds are made up with some mechanical consistency which must be able to go through the surgery process and it also have anatomical ability to cop up with the original cells. It is important in all implantations but specifically in heart related or in orthopaedic surgeries. The bio scaffolds using in these areas must have sufficient strength to hold the surgical handling. It is evident that the mechanical stability and the adequate medical skill is the key for the success of any bio scaffold.

The scaffolds must have a connecting ability with other cells, and it should penetrate the cells to give adequate nutrients. This is the basis for forming new cell structures to replace the damaged ones. The special structure of the scaffolds allows the dissolution of  the unwanted materials comes out of the scaffolds. We examined the complex properties of bio scaffolds, as a revolutionary medical engineering application.

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