Significance of Busy Light To Improve Productivity

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Without any doubt, one can say that busy light is a very useful invention in order to improve productivity in office spaces. Dwindling productivity is something which is a common occurrence these days to offices everywhere. And who is the culprit here? We can blame constant interruptions from employees for it. You need a revolutionary technology like busylight to fight this problem. You come to office thinking that you will accomplish a lot. But you are unable to accomplish much at the end of the day since you have been interrupted several times by your colleagues. You couldn’t focus on the tasks at hand and this resulted in reduced productivity for you. Well, it happens to best of us. But you don’t need to worry as effective technology like busy light is there to solve this problem. 

Showing your availability status 

When you install busylight in your office, it will let your colleagues know about your availability. Busy light comes with color scheme. Colors will tell you about the availability status. Let’s take a look below:

  • When busy light fleshes red, it is an indication that you are busy. It’s time to keep away.  
  • In order to show you are away from computer, it will flash yellow color. 
  • Green color will be flashed to show that you are available.  

Your colleagues will get the message when they look at the busy light indicator. If they see red light they will keep away. There is no need to tell ‘do not disturb’ to each one of your colleague. Busy light will do it for you. It is extremely effective in keeping the interrupters at bay.  

What makes it so special? 

Interruptions can part and parcel of office life for all of us. But when it comes to those who work in the customer service, sales or administration, they face interruptions all the time compared to people in other profession. What is the reason? Employees working in the aforementioned departments use headsets all day long. Since they wear headsets all the time, it is hard to judge whether they are free or not. As a result, they get interrupted a lot during important calls. And this reduces productivity significantly. You don’t want to see the organization going through such a phase. And that is exactly why busy light to deal with this problem.  

The source of distractions 

These days most companies prefer open officers, where large number of employees work in close proximity, in order to improve collaboration. It really improves collective productivity. But the same thing has affected the productivity since people have the tendency to interrupt each other. Since you work in close cubicles, you feel like having a chit chat with your colleague whenever you are bored. Without even knowing, you might be interrupting your colleague. You interrupt lot of your colleagues and your colleagues end up doing the same. And the overall productivity takes a hit. But you can find a solution to this problem with the help of busylight.

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